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Voices of change

An update from Jake, a first-year transfer student majoring in human rights and minoring in Spanish: Today we traveled to Santa Ana to meet with the ASAPROSAR, a nonprofit organization that works on improving rural health. They recognize that multiple facets create health and that they need to assist the poor in multiple ways. For example, they enter into communities and educate families on the necessity of their children’s education while also providing microloans to families in need of assistance. In one situation, ASAPROSAR gave a women who fed her family from a trash dump and lived in a makeshift home a microloan that enabled her to successfully start a business and raise her family’s status of living. After we [...]

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Stories of courage in El Salvador

Eight SMU students, led by Perkins School of Theology Professor Harold J. Recinos and Embrey Human Rights Program Coordinator Sherry Aikman, are in El Salvador through Jan 16. The group is looking at human rights atrocities that have occurred in the Central American country during the last 40 years, including the El Mozote massacre, the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero, the Zona Rosa guerrilla attack, the rape and murder of three American nuns and a missionary, unlawful civilian killings by security forces, forced prostitution, child labor and more.

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Gathering data on land and at sea

An update from Connor, a junior geology major: Renee analyzing beach slope and angle of repose analysis near Port Royal. A graduate of the University of West Indies, Renee will start a research sabbatical next month as an exchange graduate student at SMU. Today was day one of data collection out of Morgan's Harbor. Three groups set out for the bay, the beach and the mangrove swamp to make measurements assessing tectonics, paleoseismology and slope stability. I spent much of the day working with the coring group. This entailed collecting data both on land and at sea. On land, we bushwhacked through the thorns to reach mangrove ponds. The coring group encountered many interesting locals while trying to [...]

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