So, all this week I’ve been stuck in the library finding more information about my mint plant family. There are 20 species alone within the north-central region of New Mexico. Thankfully, since all of them don’t begin to flower during June, it narrows down how much I have to include in my report.

Jewel, Laura and I are extremely driven to completing this assignment the best way we know how, although there hasn’t been a lot of clarity as to what the format should be or how much to include. But, at least we have a topic, so we can just take baby steps from there.

Even still, we find ourselves getting distracted on occassion. The view of the campus from Fort Burgwin is just gorgeous. The weather hasn’t made it any easier to not want to just bask in the sun all day, while enjoying an occassional breeze.

Yesterday, Kim, one of the parasitology students, studied with us in the late morning, but around 11 a.m., we decided to go take pictures along the Nature Trail. We got a bit carried away, but it was definitely worth it! We walked and talk for a good 30 minutes. Kim even tried to jump on top of the entrance sign to campus, but I advised her not to because of the bird excrement on the surface. Gotta love Mother Nature, right?

This week also marked the beginning of the SMU-in-Taos Sand Volleyball Tournament. It was very exciting to get a chance to use some of my athleticism for this game. The Botany class was teamed up with the Parasitology class, and we formed Team Ubelaker. Our opponent was the other science class, Team Phillips. We completely dominated them! It was a really great game and it was nice to engage with other students on campus who I don’t usually get to see. Our team is headed to the semifinals!

Oh, forgot to mention that I also started working at the library this week. My boss is Carol, and she is so sweet! It’s nice hearing her experiences in Taos as well as her recommendations about what restaurants to try out and places for enjoying the local entertainment.

This weekend should be filled with more research and free time to enjoy the city of Taos. I’ll update you soon!