The next day was the complete opposite of our hike. I was able to get dressed for a day touring Santa Fe. It was going to be a more relaxed trip with plenty of shopping and sight-seeing. Our first stop was in the town plaza, right in front of the St. Francis of Assisi Church. Just the view from the outside was enough to convince me that we needed to stop here first. Just as I had thought, the view on the inside was gorgeous as well. Gorgeous tapestries, and the main worship area was incredible as well. The security was more strict about pictures that could be taken because they were getting ready for Mass. So, most of my pictures are of the outside.

Afterward, Laura, Kim, and I went around to different shops looking at the items that were for sale. There was one store that sold different types of socks. It was literally called “The Sock Shop.” Then, we went to a pottery shop imported from other areas of New Mexico. All the pieces were created by locals, and they were beautiful. Of course, pictures couldn’t be taken due to store regulations, so it left us a little discouraged.

Later, just outside the small town of Espaniola, we watched a Native American dance of a village that was celebrating their Feast Day. Their costumes were gorgeous, and every member was in unison with each dance move and vocal call. It was so awesome. I love to see cultures still intact even after so many years of warfare and modernization. Today was an awesome day. With a few days left, it’s time for buckling down to finish my assignment, and having one more trip with the class before leaving.