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An update from Hayley, a junior majoring in anthropology and French. She is also blogging here.

Yesterday we travelled outside of Kampala to a village near Lake Victoria to visit Sunrise primary school and the neighboring health clinic. We played with the kids and talked to some of the teachers, who were really inspiring. They take kids from low-income families and provide education through second grade. The problem is the lack of opportunity after they graduate, but the headmaster is working on creating a third grade so that will help.  The kids were so cute!!

We did some work at the health center, a tiny shack with a room for general patients and a room for labor and delivery. We gathered grass on our heads to thatch a roof and painted some of the interior. The pharmacy was a bookshelf with maybe 10 boxes of medication and the clinic was very bare. I asked the nurse what he needed most, and he said anti-retroviral drugs for HIV/AIDS patients, so I took his contact info and will put in a request to send a box at Project CURE when I get home.  Hopefully I don’t disappoint him!

We spent the night at a really cool campground near the school.  There was dancing, drumming, storytelling and a goat roast. Goat is actually pretty good! Kinda weirded me out that I had seen the goat walking around a few hours earlier.

Today we visited Lake Victoria (biggest lake in the world) and it was beautiful! We saw some ritual caves and shrines near the beach!

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