Magician Paul Vigil at the Mirage

Sorry that it has taken me this long to write my next blog post …. but it’s been busy over here! I have performed two shows and have three more to go. Audiences have been very receptive to my act, and I have gotten some great comments after the show about my magic. I can’t describe how exciting it is to be performing on a Las Vegas stage after having grown up as a kid watching Las Vegas magic specials on TV.

In addition to performing in the Vegas Magic Theatre show, I have gotten to see some other shows in Vegas. Wednesday night, I went to see a magician named Paul Vigil. Paul is a polished close-up magician who has a very intimate magic show at a bar/lounge in the Mirage casino.

I also went to Cirque du Soleil’s “O.” This is a spectacular cirque-style acrobatic show, but the amazing thing is that the stage itself is one big pool of water! Performers exit and enter from the watery depths, and the lighting/visuals are stunning. Highly recommended! I also saw comedy illusionist Nathan Burton. I have met Burton several times before, and he was nice enough to get me and a friend comp tickets.

Yesterday, I worked with a prominent choreographer named Joanie Spina. Joanie was the lead assistant and choreographer of all of David Copperfield’s shows in the ’90s. She really helped me tighten up my movement in my magic act. I wish I had more time to implement all the great suggestions she had about movement/music into my act for the Vegas Magic Theatre shows, but there just isn’t enough time …. aaahhhh, well…

Today I am going to comedy magician Mac King’s afternoon show before racing back to the Gold Coast casino to do two runs of my show.