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Trigg is a senior President’s Scholar majoring in business at the Cox School of Business and theatre at Meadows School of the Arts (a combination he likes to call “Show Business”). He is the featured magician in a new Las Vegas magic show called the “Vegas Magic Theatre” January 12-15 at the Gold Coast Casino.

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An incredible week

Hello all!

Landed safe and sound back in Dallas on Monday afternoon after the final show on Sunday night. My time in Vegas was filled with meeting magicians, learning about what it’s like to do this crazy art professionally, spending time with magician friends, and making new ones!

Meeting Mac King

A highlight of the weekend was seeing comedy magician Mac King’s show on Saturday. Mac has a hilarious show, incredible magic, and a really likable personality onstage.

My last performance was Sunday evening. I spent Sunday morning improving the act and cleaning up the movement/timing on my tricks. As a result, I think the most fun performance was the last. I realized that over the run of shows, my act got smoother and more relaxed. I guess the old saying “Practice Makes Perfect” is true … although I have yet to do a “perfect” show. There’s always more to work on, which I guess is half the fun!

With other magicians at the Vegas Magic Theatre

This last photo (right) is of me with the rest of the magicians at the Vegas Magic Theatre. Thank you, Vegas, for the great time … I know I’ll be back!

Also, I want to thank the SMU Daily Campus for the great article about my Vegas Adventure. I hope that the article shows that you really can do ANYTHING during your time at SMU. You can read it here.

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    1. Donna T. says:

      Trigg, I am soo jealous of you, for having such a great time in Vegas!!! I lived there for an year, visited it numerous times and never could get enough of it, how is that possible?! So you probably feel in the same way like me now:) Unfortunately, I was not there at the time of your performances,but I am sure we will catch up! What do you think about your competition, Chris Angel and his show “Believe”, do you like it?

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