Craving pizza, pasta, focaccia, chocolate cake, gnocchi, or pork tenderloin? We definitely solved that problem as we decided to take a cooking class here in Orvieto today to begin our free days! A few friends (Taylor, Ashleigh, Jilian, Faran, Daniel) and I took this challenge and learned how to cook these famous dishes.

As we walked into the restaurant where the class was held, we were greeted by Chef Lorenzo with a cup of cappuccino, a few pastries, and an apron. Then we began to follow our menu of the day, creating multiple Italian dishes and learning new tricks for cooking.

After we made our items we sat outside the restaurant and were able to sample all of our creations. Jilian and I were in charge of the individual chocolate cakes, and they turned out to be fabulous! However, my favorite BY FAR was the pork tenderloin that Daniel made. I can’t explain what a neat experience it was to learn the Italian culture of making food and enjoying the day with friends. It was by far a highlight of the trip!! (Not to mention, a certificate of completion that we completed the course)