Our drawing class outside of the Duomo

It is hard to imagine we have been here for a week already.

So far our experience here in Italy has been amazing.  We have enjoyed the Italian culture with wonderful food including pizza, pasta, and my personal favorite, gelato. The people of Orvieto are so welcoming to the students on our program. Believe it or not, we have all picked up on a few Italian phrases within a week (thanks to the help of the Italians, of course)! As for exercise, we have enjoyed hiking through the trails around the town. Some of them can be challenging, but the views are breathtaking and so worth it (even better when you end the hike with a cup of gelato)!

In addition to all of the fun adventures we have had in Orvieto, I have had the great opportunity to learn more about this city through the two classes I am taking: drawing and art history. In the drawing class, we experiment with different supplies and learn to master new techniques to further improve our skills. Even better, each class is outside in a new location so we are able to enjoy/explore the city!

Inside the Colosseum

Our art history class consists of lecture classes here in the hotel and field trips to Rome, Siena, Florence, and Venice. Seeing these famous monuments and paintings in person truly helps to learn and appreciate the work of these well-known artists.

So far we have traveled to Rome and Siena on our field trip days for art history. And now we begin our free days to travel anywhere throughout Italy that we choose. I have decided to stay in Orvieto to explore the city and catch up on my drawings/studying for our first art history midterm next week. I’ll keep you posted on what adventures we get into!

At the Roman Forum

Being tourists

The Spanish Steps in Rome

Alex drawing in Siena

View from the top of the tower in Orvieto