An update from Zachary, a junior environmental studies major:

Zachary in L.A. for the AASHE 2012 sustainability conferenceWe arrived in Los Angeles on Saturday to attend the AASHE (Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education) Conference. After spending time on Hollywood Boulevard, we got straight to work on Sunday. All the workshops were extremely inspiring and motivating. It’s awesome to engage with thousands of other students and faculty who are as passionate about sustainability as I am.

One of the biggest lessons that I am taking away from this conference is how urgent it is to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. Even if you don’t believe that global warming is happening, sustainability is necessary for thriving life on a planet with finite resources. Sustainability is an attractive in several ways, and many businesses are already profiting from the utilization of sustainable methods.

With one day left in Los Angeles, I look forward to absorb as much information as I can in these last couple of workshops. I am thankful for this opportunity to engage with other environmental enthusiasts and appreciate all the people responsible for funding this trip. And of course, thank you to Dr. Bonnie and Raj!