An update from Jewel, a sophomore environmental science major:

This is my first time to visit California, and the weather has lived up to expectations. It’s so pleasant! On Saturday, we spent a lot of time outside while exploring what draws many people to Los Angeles – the iconic Hollywood Boulevard. I liked seeing the stars on the sidewalk and people performing publicly. Oh, what a wonder, those dreams of fame.

My three friends and I have a different vision for our time in LA. All day Sunday, we attended sessions about environmental topics at the AASHE conference. I was excited to learn what programs other colleges have, and how those could start at SMU. I am particularly interested in community gardens and cooperatives. One college composts its dining hall waste for use in the student farm, which in turn supplies food for the dining hall. I was impressed. I am also seriously eager to plant my free basil seeds, but I should probably wait until after the plane trip back to Dallas.

After only one day of the conference, I’m dreaming of ways we can create the ultimate sustainable SMU.

“If you can’t predict the future, invent it.”
Hunter Lovins