An update from Dance Professor Shelley Berg:

The SMU London Arts students, as part of their investigation of all things “performative” in the city of London, spent an indulgent morning exploring Borough Market in the Southwark area of South London.  There has been a market in this area since 1014 and, by the 13th century, grain, vegetable, fish and livestock traders relocated to what is now the Borough Market site.  There are currently over 100 traders, who ply their wares there, both local and international.  The high standards of the Market are ensured by an impartial panel of food experts that “ensure that the taste, provenance and quality of foods sold are all regularly measured and maintained and support small traders to meet these standards.”

The students trolled the stalls, sampled the extensive foodstuffs and gathered fresh ingredients – both familiar and unfamiliar – for family dinners at their flats.  They found sumptuous displays of mushrooms and truffles, steaming pans of paella, silky goat cheese ice cream (raspberry and chili was only one of the flavors), and fresh bread baked in flower pots.  Take a look at their terrific photos of their experience.

We branched out and tried organic goat's milk ice cream.

Gorgeous watermelons

Rare mushrooms of all shapes and sizes.

A nut stand, where the seller was handing out samples: I tried the chocolate covered hazelnuts and they were delicious.

One of the numerous fresh produce stands. Everything on this stand looked as though it could be devoured right there.


Oliver's Bakery where we tried bread with organic olive oil. They also had some desserts; the brownies were phenomenal!

This station gave an entirely new meaning to "grilled cheese" - the sizzling blocks of freshly melted cheese could be eaten in a fresh panini as a tasty afternoon snack.

Cooked on a gigantic hot plate, the massive mixture of seafood paella simmered enticingly, producing an irresistible aroma.

For the merchants of Borough Market, the presentation of food is just as important as the taste. The delicious breads are baked into the shape of blooming flowers and presented in actual pots.

A man shucks fresh oysters right in front of the passers-by, allowing everyone to admire his performance and the fresh quality of his product.