SMU Civil Rights Pilgrimage 2012

During spring break 2012, students, faculty and staff are taking a nine-day bus ride through the American South to visit civil rights landmarks and leaders in the movement. Political Science Professor Dennis Simon leads the pilgrimage with SMU’s Chaplain’s Office.

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Thoughts of a pilgrim

 An update from Ed, who is participating in the pilgrimage with his daughter, Janelle:

I have been involved in civil rights for over 30 years, and it was a pleasure that my daughter asked to go on the Civil Rights Pilgrimage.

Last year, I went on the pilgrimage while in Dr. Dennis Simon’s class. Two years, two groups, one message. The message is diversity. America’s greatness lies in its diversity.

As I lie in my bed to prepare for tomorrow’s events, I am in awe of how far we have come. I will now watch President Obama on TV. It is true, we have come a long way.

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