An update from Sarah, a Master of Liberal Studies student:

I am so proud of Taryn, my Pilgrimage roomie. Last night, civil rights leader Julian Bond asked for someone in our crowd (University of Virginia alums and SMU) to lead us in singing “I Saw the Light.” No one jumped forward!  SMU called out Reverend Ray, one of our fearless leaders, but he was not familiar with the song. Taryn quietly said to us in the back that she knew the first lines. That’s all it took for us to loudly prod her on (…that and a rather bold physical lift out of her chair by a UVA participant!)

Taryn reluctantly went to the front of the room and led the group of well over 100 folks, Julian Bond, and the Rev. Robert and Jeannie Graetz. We loved it!

Taryn has bragging rights for life!