First thing in the morning, we biology students were hard at work. My classmates and I had to clean and organize the Parasitology lab. Scrubbing, rinsing, rearranging all the equipment to collect the mice on Sunday night.

A few students last night saw a mouse in their casitas so we know they are roaming the area! We had to wash 60 traps to set out and will be putting peanut butter in them tomorrow for bait, but more on that later. After a few hours the lab looked completely renovated!

After class I took a nature trail walk and spotted a beaver making his dam, and later I sat on Dr. Ubelaker’s porch to watch the hummingbirds. It is really fascinating how many hummingbirds gather in the evening; I noted over 40 while I was there.

Lastly, classmates gathered around for our very first casita fire! It was the perfect way to end the night.