I spent my first Saturday in Copenhagen, and it was quite nice. In the afternoon I had to go to immigration services with several DIS students since we have to apply for a visa to stay for four months.

After I got immigration out of the way, I met up with one of my friends from home. We both went to high school together, and she is a junior at Yale now. She is here doing a program on security at the University of Copenhagen, so we planned to get dinner and catch up. A couple of my other friends also joined us, so we ended up going to dinner with several girls.

The food was delicious, and I enjoyed our conversations as well. Afterward we stopped to get delicious ice cream, and then we ended our evening with a nice walk around the beautiful city.

Tomorrow I have plans to check out a church around here, so my friend and I have that on our agenda, then I will probably do some reading to prepare for my 8:30 am class on Monday. It looks like my first weekend will be a success!