Naval Military Police with weapons confiscated from pirates.

Immediately after I got back from my trip to Hamburg, I repacked and got on a bus to head to Western Denmark with my classmates.

This week at DIS is core course week —students travel to some part of Denmark with their core class. As I mentioned in my earlier blog, core classes are related to the various programs in which student enroll. Since I am enrolled in the Justice & Human Rights program, this meant I get to spend a whole week with my Humanitarian Law and Armed Conflict classmates and professors.

Although the week is not over yet, the past four days have been quite enjoyable. There is a healthy mix of academic and social activities. A few highlights of the trip include visiting the Navy Military Police, where we heard from presenters who travel to the Gulf of Aden regularly on an anti-piracy mission. We actually got to see the ship that is getting ready to head to the coast of Somalia in October.

Visiting the Egeskov Castle

The military police also gave us permission to see where and how the pirates are detained in the ship. Afterward they showed us weapons used by the Danish military police to fight against the pirates as well as weapons confiscated from pirates. I have never gotten so close to the issue of piracy before! Of course my classmates and I couldn’t resist taking pictures with the confiscated weapons.

We also visited the Danish fleet headquarters where they also spoke about their anti-piracy mission in Somalia and gave a presentation on the legal side of their anti-piracy operations. I have read about piracy, seen news clips of Somali pirates, and my classes have briefly touched on the topic, but I had never seen the ship where the pirates are kept, or got to actually hear from the very people whose sole mission is to fight against these pirates and are constantly involved in detaining and prosecuting pirates.

With one of my classmates at the “Hitler and the Atlantic Wall” tour

The social component of our trip was also just as exciting. I got to go kayaking for the first time, ate some delicious Danish food, competed in a game of bowling with my classmates and professors, visited Egeskov Castle and went on a guided tour of “Hitler and The Atlantic Wall.” The core course week will come to an end tomorrow and already I can say this has been my favorite week in Denmark!