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Nancy is a graduate student in the Master of Liberal Studies program in the Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development. During summer 2012, she is participating in a course on New Mexico wildflowers at SMU-in-Taos.

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What a wonderful week!

This class has been inspirational to me in so many ways. Who knew that the pine nut from the pinon tree is the perfect food? It has all the essential minerals a person needs, as much protein as a steak and all the essential amino acids. Or that flowers have designs drawing insects and birds that can’t be seen by the human eye? Pollinators can see the designs but humans can see them only with an ultraviolet light.

I am leaving with 14 new friends who have inspired me with their kindness, intelligence, resilience, senses of humor and fun. We already are planning a reunion and a Shutterfly book with our photos and memories.

I’m also sporting a suntan without getting hot, have loved a week away from the Dallas inferno, and have a new appreciation for the flowers in my garden.

Last night I dreamed I was in college and my parents had arrived to drive me home at the end of the semester. I wasn’t packed, I couldn’t find my things, and I was sad to say goodbye to my friends. I wasn’t ready to leave.

Hmmmm … I wonder what that means?

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    7 Responses to What a wonderful week!

    1. Bindu Varghese says:

      Nancy, I have enjoyed reading about your wonderful adventures. Love the Facts of the Day entries!

    2. Susie Hardie says:

      What a great week!! Wish I’d been there instead of in Dallas. 9 more days of dialated right eye then back to “normal”-see you at Dedman July 25

    3. Lisa Plumer says:

      Wow! I really enjoyed reading about each day of your field trip! Your blog is so descriptive and clever…I felt like I went along with you! The team of humming birds, the skin healing springs, possible bears and the beautiful back drop (to name a few) made this trip seem perfect for you. I am so glad you got to go and I can’t wait to hear all about when I see you next. The Shutterfly book will be fun to see too!

    4. Les Swanson says:

      Thank you, Nancy, for capturing the essence of our experience. I have had withdrawl pain all week. I know we must go back. It would be nice if we had some repeats of people from our group. Great bunch of people who made the week just that much better.

      • Nancy George says:

        Les, I’ve had withdrawal pains too, next year two weeks?

        • Les Swanson says:

          Two weeks would be better. You had some extra time this time around. Must have been great. I would be interested in pre-planning the eztra time with others from the class. We just were not really ready for NM to end when it did for us.

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