Once again the twelve amigos embarked on a new adventure! An early morning bus ride found us in the beautiful town of Segovia (about an hour and a half outside Madrid) with the full day ahead of us to discover its treasures.

Our profesora, and guide for the day, took us to the Alcazar first. Made my day, since alcazar is the Arabic word for castle/fortress! It was beautiful. It has a torre, tower, and real turrets, too. We toured the inside of the palace, enjoying the extravagant ceilings and hearing the history of Isabel and Ferdinand of Castille y Aragon, and saw some gorgeous views before taking the experience to the next level.

Adrenaline rushing, we took the challenge and climbed the narrow, twisting stairway to the top of el torre (OK, so it really was not that bad – narrow, uneven and 182 stairs, but what a great quick wake-up workout! Vale la pena, (or it’s worth it!) for a truly breathtaking view of Segovia and the surrounding countryside.

Taking our time to enjoy the city, we ventured our way back up to el catedral. It is splendid with its Gothic style and gold-colored stone native to Segovia. Our next stop was just a 180-degree turn to face La Plaza Mayor de Segovia. Almost every city, if not every one, has a central plaza with cafeterías.

To finish our tour we headed back to the entrance of Segovia to learn about the magnificent Roman acueducto (aqueduct) that welcomes all to the city. I am always amazed by the Romans! It is really something to see architecture from so long ago … and it still looks awesome (or hasn’t collapsed yet!).

After our tour ended we all headed to find some almuerzo (lunch). Not sure how the Spaniards make it so long without eating, or maybe they secretly have snacks, but eating at 8 in the morning and waiting for lunch until 2 p.m. is a bit long for me. Anyhow, we enjoyed a nice lunch at a cute cafetería, before taking the afternoon to wander around the city, and getting más helado (ice cream). By the time we made it to the bus to head back we were all exhausted, having walked for a good four hours (love it!!!).

But our adventure wasn’t over yet. On the way back we had to stop on the side of the road for a bike race to pass. Apparently it is the equivalent of the Tour de France in Spain. We were literally feet away! So awesome. It is safe to say we had a successful adventure! Hasta luego.