The past few weeks have been particularly busy.  The semester is coming to a close, so I have been working on my final rounds of tests and papers before final exams.

However, amidst all the studying, I have had the opportunity to get out a few times.  Recently, some friends and I went to Royal Randwick to see the Sunday horse races.  The facilities looked exactly like something out of a movie;  there were even people wearing huge decorative hats!  I did not know anything about horse racing, but it was definitely fun to watch those who did.

I am taking a class on Aboriginal Sydney.  Last week, I had to write a report on Aboriginal engraving in the Sydney area.  The site my group chose was near Bondi, which is where the show Bondi Rescue is filmed.  It was a little hard to get to our site, since it was located in the middle of a golf course.  Eventually we found the engravings.  They were huge figures of animals and people grooved into an exposed rock overlooking the ocean.  I had no idea they were so large!  A few were several feet long.  Many of the engravings were overlapped.

Last weekend, I heard about a social sailing event hosted by a few UNSW sailors.  I went out to sail with them on the harbor and had a great time.  Toward the end of the day, the wind really started to pick up, which made for some great sailing.  I have been a sailor all my life, so the chance to sail in Sydney was very special.  Afterward, I  went to an Aussie style barbeque with the people I had been sailing with.  They invited me to attend a race practice next weekend … I can’t wait!