An update from Lucy, a first-year President’s Scholar and member of the University Honors Program who plans to major in civil engineering in the Lyle School:

Gabriella and Lucy with "Starry Night"

New York City is a pretty overwhelming place. The city accommodates millions of people, innumerable restaurants and an ever-evolving, massive art scene. That’s why we’re here – to study art throughout time and try to make sense of it and synthesize it in some way, which is not an easy task. The Art Colloquium, led by Philip Van Keuren, professor of art at the Meadows School of the Arts, is an amazing opportunity to take in as much of the art in New York that two weeks can hold.

We started off the trip with a bang, visiting the Museum of Modern Art on Monday and the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Tuesday. I loved seeing (or at least beginning to see, as I can predict follow-up visits to absorb even more) the art that these iconic museums hold. Thanks to my art history background, I found myself glancing around as I entered each room in the museums, trying to recognize any artist’s distinctive style before taking a closer look at the rest of the art.

When I walked into a room and saw a piece that I have always loved – Daumier’s Third Class Carriage or one of Degas’ beautiful ballet paintings – I heard myself quietly gasp. I am still amazed when I think that those artistic masters stood where I stood and touched that actual canvas! Whether or not I’ve heard of the artist or can even understand the message of a piece, I try to digest each piece and write in my journal about the ones to which I feel particularly drawn.

I am excited to see what else the city has in store for me, in the form of great food, iconic landmarks, and of course, beautiful and powerful works of art.