Latino/Latina Religions 2012, Dallas

The students in the Cultural Formations/Religious Studies course Latino/Latina Religions are conducting research on the history of the Walt Humann and T. Boone Pickens Community Center at Jubilee Park and its surrounding neighborhood. The center, near the Fair Park area of Dallas, was founded by Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church in 1997 and serves a diverse population. Through their research, students hope to learn more about the ways religious organizations impact local communities, and about the changing landscapes that have formed Dallas over the years. At the culmination of the project in December, students will present their findings in a presentation at the Jubilee Park Center,

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The power of volunteers

An update from Garrett, a senior majoring in religious studies and political science:

When I first found out about the Jubilee organization and its positive effect on its surrounding community, I was naturally astounded and inspired. I’d heard of similar projects around the world, but I’d never actually had the opportunity to experience any of these first-hand.

Now that I’ve actually visited the Jubilee Park area, I can understand why so many residents from the Jubilee Park area have been so active in participating in the programs offered by the center. There are still so many social and economic issues affecting the people of Dallas (not to mention the entire world) and I think it’s encouraging to see such a successful program in my own home city. Crime in the Jubilee Park area has been significantly reduced; people are receiving greater access to education as well as health resources; and the general quality of life in this part of Dallas is steadily increasing.

However, I think it’s important to realize that the center operates entirely as a result of a wonderful staff of volunteers and with the help of charitable contributions. Jubilee stands as a testament to the power of human kindness, but the amazing people at the center are always looking for like-minded volunteers to join and help their community. If you’re looking for an opportunity to help some fellow Dallasites, consider volunteering at Jubilee!

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