Latino/Latina Religions 2012, Dallas

The students in the Cultural Formations/Religious Studies course Latino/Latina Religions are conducting research on the history of the Walt Humann and T. Boone Pickens Community Center at Jubilee Park and its surrounding neighborhood. The center, near the Fair Park area of Dallas, was founded by Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church in 1997 and serves a diverse population. Through their research, students hope to learn more about the ways religious organizations impact local communities, and about the changing landscapes that have formed Dallas over the years. At the culmination of the project in December, students will present their findings in a presentation at the Jubilee Park Center,

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Final presentation at Jubilee Park

An update from Lahela, a junior studio art major:

The project that we signed up for in this class involves the Jubilee Park Community Center. As you may have read from my classmates, we’ve made some progress. As of late, we have been diligently working to compile our research and get our papers to Professor DeTemple. We have our official presentation at Jubilee Community Center this Wednesday, December 5.

As far as I know, my group is ready. We are putting some final touches on our bilingual presentation and making sure we are on point. My group examined 1997-present, and we specifically researched issues of education, land reformation, crime and crime prevention, and had a series of interviews with people from the Jubilee. The research we found and decided to put in our presentation seemed to be forefront issues in the Jubilee community.

Since the Walt Humann and T. Boone Pickens Community Center was built in 1997, the Jubilee area has seen much growth. This growth seems predominantly geared toward youth and the elderly. There are schools that, with some controversy, have been rebuilt to cater to the youth along with programs at the Community Center itself that bring fitness, health, and overall wellness awareness to the younger generation. The elderly community has programs such as bingo, Zumba and DPD (Dallas Police Department) self-defense class at the Center along with new elderly-friendly housing that senior citizens have moved into as of June this year. The Community Center seemed to be the catalyst to uplift this community, and from a range of interviews, we learned that the community has done nothing but grow and produce positive feedback.

Hopefully our research and presentation will go well and will help the Jubilee Park  Community Center further advance in its efforts to revitalize the Southeast Fair Park District.

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