An update from Tracy, a senior markets and culture major, with a minor in psychology: 

As part of service learning for our Cultural Formations course, I visited the Jubilee Park Community Center, which is in Southeast Dallas by Fair Park.  I began by interviewing the community members who regularly visit the center and found that the building of it signaled a revival in the community and a rapid historic change.

The community members recalled there being no sidewalks on the streets and a severe lack of proper crime reporting.  While the community center has fostered a sense of family, the most significant change was the ability for residents to walk through a neighborhood where the streets were paved, sidewalks were built, and most important, police regularly patrolled the 62-block area.

By instilling a sense of pride in the community, a cycle was created in which people felt a shared responsibility to partake in the upkeep of the area and to become involved members of the community.  The Community Center did what many viewed to be the impossible. It took an impoverished area and brought it into the 21st century with a revived vitality.