As my time in Taos grows closer to the end finally I can see the finish line. When I first arrived on campus, the finish line seemed so far in the distance that I thought it would take forever to approach it. However, as the month has passed by, I have moved closer and closer to the line. Just this weekend I began working on my final research paper for Parasitology. Little did I know that I would write and complete it in the same day!

Since I have just finished my final paper for my parasitology class, all that is left for me to review the edits and make the appropriate changes. My research paper is entitled: Habitat correlates with the spatial distribution of ectoparasites on Peromyscus in the northern central region of New Mexico. Long title right? I tried thinking of a way to shorten it but after much pondering I kept coming back to my original title and so it stays. I cannot express how excited and proud I am that I have finished my final paper. It is 10 pages long and includes, charts and graphs! Below is a screen shot from my computer of my final paper.

I cannot believe that all the research that was completed in the month is now over. As I look back and reflect on my research completed here, I remember setting mouse traps in the rain, cutting through sagebrush, getting lost in the woods and splashing through the creek in my galoshes.