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Kimberly is a junior double major in biological sciences and chemistry in Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences. As part of SMU Engaged Learning, she is conducting an Unbridled Project in Guatemala during 2012-13. She plans to research health-related traditions, beliefs and practices in the indigenous Mayan community and evaluate how these values and beliefs occasionally clash with Western medicine. Before heading to Guatemala, she is studying at SMU-in-Taos.

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Time has passed by so quickly that I cannot believe I have spent a month in Taos. I have had the most wonderful time in Taos and I am so glad I decided to come and complete my research here. The landscape is always breathtakingly beautiful and the weather is just lovely. Albeit, the last week I was here it was quite warm but even that could not make me regret coming to Taos. I sit here in my room looking around and realizing that I have so much to pack! Did I really bring all these clothes or buy all these souvenirs from here? Or better yet, am I really bringing all these plants and rocks back to Dallas? I do hope my riding buddy has room in his car for all my stuff…

Since today was pretty much the last day where all the residents would be here, I and the other RA’s decided to have a Tie Dye party! We bought these t-shirts that said, “I (heart) Taos”. Tie dying was so much fun! Although, now my hands are dyed a very deep blue green. I could almost be an extra on the film Avatar! I do hope it washes off soon, because I have a feeling it will turn a green tint when the blue wears off. I must now head off to pack because there is indeed much to pack. I am almost glad that I did not fly to Taos because if I flew back, I would have no idea how to ensure all my stuff made it back home!

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