Just this past week Laura, Vanessa and I went shopping at Taos Plaza. I must admit I had a hard time controlling myself from buying everything I saw. I tend to get easily distracted with shiny objects and jewelry. In the Taos Plaza there were many stores that showcased Native American jewelry with beautiful stones imbedded in the art.

Initially, when we arrived to the Plaza after lunch we said to ourselves that we would only be in town for about an hour and then head back to campus. However, nearly 3 hours later we were still shopping and putting more quarters in the parking meter to stay longer! From art galleries, to clothing stores, to observing native american art there was so much to see. When we arrived at the Plaza itself, I was thoroughly entertained with the Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory. There was just so much chocolate. From marshmallow bars dipped in chocolate, to chocolate bars, to chocolate cookies dipped in chocolate, to caramelized apples to chocolate ice cream, I needed to buy myself some chocolate.




Near the counter there was a woman making homemade waffle cones! Once I realized I could not resist the temptation anymore, I bought myself chocolate chip ice cream in a waffle cone. The ice cream was just heavenly! There were real chocolate chip chunks in the ice cream and the ice cream was so creamy and delicious. The waffle cone had just been made and had just the right amount of crunch. I spent my time on the ride back to campus, happily eating my ice cream. Once I had eaten the entire ice cream I realized that before I left town, I needed to buy myself another!