No trip to Costa Rica is complete without experiencing the marvels of the rain forest. And there’s no better way to experience it than flying high among the trees in the luscious canopy.

This weekend, we went to the volcano Arenal, which is one of the most perfectly formed and majestic volcanoes on earth. Arenal sits in a thick rain forest, where we spent a day being Tarzan and swinging from tree to tree.

I had tried a zip-line in summer camp, but this wasn’t the average 30-second ride. The course included nine zip-lines, which crisscrossed expansive valleys and weaved between trees.

Some of the rides were really long, so long that you could reach the velocity of a speeding car.

Everyone had the time of their lives. It was scary at first to look down and notice there were treetops that seemed like a mile below, but after the first terrifying drop, it was easy to sit back and enjoy the view of paradise.