The city of Banos

This weekend marked my last “fin de semana” in Ecuador …. cannot believe I will be back in America on THURSDAY!!

For one last hoorah, we decided to go to Baños – a city in Ecuador known for its adventure sports. On Saturday we spent the day exploring the city and then took a chiva ride (imagine a big truck with open sides that carries about 30 people) up to the top of the nearby volcano. Sunday morning, I finally got to go puenting. Much to the dismay of my mom, I had been planning on doing this thrilling activity for a while but never seemed to get the courage.

Getting ready for the leap

Puenting is similar to bungee jumping but uses a regular rope instead of an elastic chord. Instead of bouncing after the free fall, you swing back and forth like a pendulum until you are lowered to the ground below.

After seeing the bridge and the river below, I seriously considered backing out; after the jump, though, I was very happy I followed through. The experience was amazing and a great way to start off my final week in Quito.