Ciao da Roma!

I have started this trip a bit earlier than my classmates to get a better handle on the jet-lag and also do a bit of traveling around Rome before the program starts. I am so excited to be here in this amazing city and to be able to relax and enjoy these few days in Rome before meeting up with the group next Tuesday.

I was able to visit some of my favorite places in Rome today.  I started the day by walking through the Forum and Markets of Trajan.  In the Forum of Trajan there is a huge marble monument that towers nearly 30m high.  There is a continuous carved relief of the victory of Emperor Trajan in the Dacian Wars that scrolls around and up the column.

I went to Michelangelo’s Campidoglio on the Capitoline Hill and saw the equestrian statue of Emperor Marcus Aurelius.  That was pretty amazing because MA is definitely one of my favorite Roman Emperors.

Then I walked down the path on the south side of the Campidoglio behind the Comune di Roma where there is a spectacular view of the Roman Forum with the Colosseum in the distance!

After that I went and walked a couple laps around the Circus Maximus where Roman chariot races were once held.

Then, having circumambulated the Palatine Hill, I went up the Via di San Gregorio past the Arch of Constantine and to the Colosseum.

Once the sun set I went and enjoyed some great Italian gelato! What better way to end a day in Rome?