By:  David Garrett Mucha

On both Monday and Wednesday GLP Europe headed over to the food court to experience the lunch often chosen by nearby working professional.  At the far corner of the third floor a collection of food window boutiques was distributed in a semi-circular pattern.  The layout of the fast-food market was not dissimilar to locations at familiar Dallas malls such as Galleria or Willow Bend.  Choices offered included Slovakian and Eastern European interpretations of Italian, Asian, and German cuisine.  Curiously a Mexican restaurant was a choice which included items that were almost entirely non-cognizable to a U.S. visitor.  These items appeared to simply resemble in a basic form rotisseried meat and vegetables placed in a taco shell rather than in pita bread or in open plate form. The Italian restaurant seemed most appealing to the author as well as many others.  Menu options included many permutations of pasta, sauces, meats, and cheeses.  A very popular item was penne pasta verde avec fresh mozzarella and roasted chicken.  This meal was a welcome contrast to the days preceding which involved over-exposure to schnitzel, sauerkraut, and bratwurst.

In Vienna a wider selection of menu items was to be found. Key things of interest were the Radler drink (beer and lemonade concoction), schnitzel, and street vendor kebab and felafel. One of the stops included in the trip of 8 GLP’ers was to a vendor hanging shingle at a train connection point. Mostly everyone requesting felafel from this particular street vendor was amazed at the quality of the dispensed items. It also seemed as if the other attending customers also enjoyed their items, although one should not discount the fact that novelty of the food may have been the primary contributing factor in our decision to make these purchases.  Despite these considerations, the snack items provided much needed sustenance to further fuel exploration of downtown Vienna.  Elsewhere in the city some individuals discovered the high utility value of a Radler drink. This beverage is simply a lighter consistency beer mixed with sweet lemonade.  This item can be acquired for around 3.50 euro at most locales across Vienna, although an individual may wish to not restrict consumption to merely one unit.