by:  Maura C. Bellmio MBA ’13

The second leg of our Latin American adventure was totally awesome.
Although we were a little tired upon arrival in Buenos Aires, we were
immediately struck by the city’s natural beauty (at least AFTER we got
through customs). Our tour guide was excellent, and even before reaching
the hotel she had given us some great information about the city and its

We had the first day and a half off in Argentina, so I think everyone
decided to venture out and see as much of the city’s sights as they could
before we got down to business. Many of us visited the Santelmo Market
(which was only open on Sundays) to see their variety of street
performers and purchase gifts for family and friends. Others visited the
cemetary in Recoleta to see the grave of Evita and the beautiful
cathedral that sits on the property. We also made sure that we
experienced the flavors Argentina first hand through a trip to the famous
steakhouse, “Cabrera Norte” and through a wine tasting organized by one
of our classmates (which was followed by a tango dancing trip).

Our company visits to Banco Patagonia, Bridgestone Firestone, Volkswagen,
Globant, and Pepsi Co taught us a lot about not only how different
business is in Argentina from the US, but also how different it is from
doing business in Brazil. Argentina’s unique economic environment
provides a comfortable environment for some while, for others, it means a
short planning horizon and necessary flexibility.

During the rest of our time off, people made sure to immerse themselves
in the Argentine culture. Some went to see the drum circle show, “La
Bomba,” and others went to several of the many museums the city of Buenos
Aires has to offer.