By: David Garrett Mucha

Arriving earlier than expected, the 767 hit the tarmac at approximately 8:10 am, and proceeded for arrival before the scheduled gate time of 8:30 am. On the other hand, a slight delay occurred as the Frankfurt airport was exceptionally busy handling the wayfare of many European fliers as well as directing incoming overnight flights. Surprisingly, immigration was very quick and the attending officers were very polite.

Within the next 30 minutes, luggage was claimed and the hotel-destined bus was boarded. To the author’s knowledge no one was left behind although there have been rumors of a close call.  The dreadful fear hanging overhead of missing the bus must have worked its magic this time around – although we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed…

Once at the hotel, time is spent checking in; however, only a few students are given the good news that their room is ready.  To pass the time, the group was eager to leave home base and visit the surrounding area.  As disclosed by a timely twitter post, a group of three ran alongside the Main river in order to stretch out now largely atrophied muscles and to get a better view of the land.  One can only begin to surmise the absurdity of this particular outing. Many of us headed toward ‘old town’ and converged onto the promenade. Key sights included several H&M and Zara stores which helped refresh our strategy chops.  A few hundred meters off of the retail promenade were a few open patio
pubs. One in particular- Frankfurt’s Corner Bar, proved to be an enjoyable resting spot.  From the patio one could watch the mix of bankers and other professionals hurriedly march by. The German passers-by closely resembled their American counterparts although attire was noticeably more drab.

Ultimately, by afternoon the 24+ hour day had taken its toll on some and required immediate surrendering to rest. Regardless, GLP Europe continued unrestrained and remained focused on realizing the best that Frankfurt had to offer this day.