Communication Studies, National Conventions 2012

In fall 2012, SMU students are attending the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, and the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, as part of a political communication studies program in Meadows School of the Arts. They are attending with Professor Rita Kirk, director of the Maguire Center for Ethics & Public Responsibility, and Dan Schill, assistant professor of communication studies, who are conducting “Dial Test” research for CNN.

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Behind the scenes

An update from Hannah at the Republican National Convention:

Today James, Anthony and I met with recent SMU graduate Corey (CJ) Steadman. Steadman is Deputy Director of Production for the 2012 Republican National Convention. In this position, he helps coordinate events backstage and on the convention floor and makes sure the event runs smoothly.

Our visit with CJ didn’t follow the normal protocol. Instead of the standard Q&A, the meeting began with a tour on the stage, before venturing below the stage to gain a better understanding of the production aspect of the gig. Along the way, he shared his experiences at SMU and his experiences after graduation.

Steadman said a key aspect of his post-graduate success was the preparation his received at SMU. He told us about his experience at SMU as a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity, vice president of new member recruitment for the InterFraternity Council, and as a member of the Young Republicans. He shared stories studying communications with our professors, Dr. Schill and Dr. Kirk.

Steadman took advantage of the experiential learning opportunities at SMU. His experience in SMU’s Hilltop on the Hill helped him get his first job out of college. Jumping back and forth between campaigns, including a stint in Newt Gingrich’s 2012 campaign for the Republican nomination for president, Steadman has changed his career goals. While he always wanted to be involved in politics or political advocacy, his experience in campaigns has pulled him into public service. His career goals include working in political campaigns and running for office himself.

Steadman is a great role model for young men and women in SMU’s Communications program, showing us that a dream can be reality in the political world.

From left: Alum Corey Steadman, with James, Hannah and Anthony

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