Hanging out with Beccah and friends

If you told me a month ago that I would be sitting outside in shorts and flip-flops, basking in the warmth of the sunlight, I would have laughed in your face. Coming from Dallas, the Prague winter was pure misery; snow, wind, and piercing cold made going outside almost intolerable. But this past week, Prague has decided to join the month of March, and we have been blessed with beautiful 65 degree, sunny afternoons.

View of the Charles River

This past weekend I was, what I like to call, lazy. Saturday I slept in until noon, then met up with a few friends to walk through Letna Park, a large park near my apartment that overlooks central Prague and the Charles River.

After relaxing for a bit we headed to Old Town to walk through the Spring Market, where we got some refreshing zmrzlina (ice cream) and walked by all of the souvenir and craft stands while listening to the sound of the Czech children’s play that was going on at the top of the square. Although I tend to think that most children’s shows are simultaneously humorous and (mildly) creepy, these elements are both intensified when the play is being performed in a different language, specifically Czech. It was entertaining to say the least.

Spring Market in Old Town

I spent even more time outside earlier this week, taking a walk along the Charles River between classes and sitting at a park across from FAMU, with only the interactions of the dogs playing to entertain us. My friend and I were thoroughly amused for a solid 15 minutes observing the dogs, and decided that we could probably spend hours watching them play in the park and never get bored. Dogs are actually hilarious.

Along with these lovely spring afternoons comes one of the greatest, most important spring traditions: March Madness. As I am not an avid college basketball fan, I actually have no idea how the tournament is going, but since a handful of my friends here are Syracuse University students, we all gathered at a local sports bar to watch their game in the Sweet 16 round. Although they are now out of the tournament, their victory in the first game was exciting for all involved. Except maybe Wisconsin.

Surprisingly, this laziness has not filtered into my academics, and with shooting beginning in less than a month we will soon be kept occupied with location scouting, casting, storyboarding, and rehearsing, so that at 9 am April 28 we are ready to go! As a last weekend of recreation before the madness begins, a few friends and I are headed to Amsterdam tonight on an overnight (15-hour, probably uncomfortable) train to explore another infamous European city. I am excited for the weekend and the month ahead and am looking forward to beginning the process of making our short film. Should be an awesome experience.