An update from Leah, who participated in the trip to LA, where students are volunteering with AIDS Project of Los Angeles:

Every day, something new and exciting happened in LA, whether it was sightseeing or volunteering for AIDS Project Los Angeles. The staff at APLA was amazing. They were very kindhearted people with great words of wisdom for today’s youth. My favorite thing about the staff at APLA was that they were very upfront with the issues of HIV/AIDS, body image, sex, and sexually transmitted diseases. Our volunteer work ranged from filing paperwork to working in a food bank.

When we weren’t volunteering, our AB group spent as much time as possible trying all kinds of foods in LA and visting places like Santa Monica, Venice, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Boulevard, and so forth.

My favorite spots that we visited had to have been Santa Monica and the pier, and trying seafood at a restaurant right in the middle of the pier. As a parting gift from LA, on the last day, we ate at a great Chinese restaurant in Chinatown right next to Jon Heder, aka Napoleon Dynamite. LA is a great city to experience culture, and I wouldn’t mind visiting again.