Alternative Spring Breaks 2012

Celebrating its 25th year at SMU, Alternative Breaks is taking more than 90 students to nine sites during spring break 2012 to perform community service: Atlanta; Boston; Crawfordville, Florida; Denver; Los Angeles; New York; Taos, New Mexico; Window Rock, Arizona; and Quito, Ecuador.

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Hard work and fun in Florida

An update from Alaxandria, a biochemistry major who participated in the trip to Florida, where students performed environmental restoration:

Went to Wakulla County in Florida. Worked on the forest refuge with 12 others with a man named Trixie. He was hilarious, and I had a great time working with my group. We all worked together and got along fine. It truly was a great experience.

Each day I grew more appreciative that I was chosen to attend. I had some lifetime experiences getting the chance to swim in the ocean/beach and swim in a spring. My favorite part was the entire trip.

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