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Cruel Beauty

Eighteen professors, academic professionals, students and community members from SMU, Dallas and across Texas will be traveling through Poland Dec. 19-29 to study the Holocaust. Led by SMU Embrey Human Rights Program Director Rick Halperin, the group will visit cities and death camps where, during World War II, some 4,375,000 people were murdered during the country’s Nazi, Germany, occupation. Professor Halperin also will lead six Texas professors serving as 2012 fellows for the Texas Project for Human Rights Education, and a member of SMU’s News & Communications team, to Berlin, Dec. 16-19, to explore the origins of Adolf Hitler’s “Final Solution.”

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Flood lines and hard work

Monica and Dan with the circular saw Students made chocolate-chip pancakes for breakfast this morning, and then we headed to the S. Salcedo house by 9am. All of us worked on this one house – some inside and some outside, and we worked in teams of two. I worked with Kimberly to install baseboards with a power nailer; Danny and Shauna were in charge of cutting the baseboards to size; and Janice and Emily were taking the measurements. On the exterior, Karissa and Anthony removed nails from the siding with Prince, Adam worked with Dhvante and Turk installing new siding, and Monica and Dan worked with one of the YRNO employees, Mr. Leonard, repairing existing siding. Shauna [...]

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A day off in the French Quarter

In Jackson Square Day 3 in NOLA is Sunday, and this is our one day to tour the city and enjoy ourselves by taking in the sights rather than doing service. Some of the group headed off to church in the morning, and then by about 10am we were headed to the French Quarter.  Our first stop was Café Du Monde for some beignets and coffee. Watching videos of Hurricane Katrina After that we took a trip to the Louisiana State Museum in Jackson Square. This museum has a pretty extensive exhibit documenting what took place during Hurricane Katrina - from the levy breaks, to the emergency response, to the firsthand personal accounts. To see photos [...]

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Preparing a house for its new owner

At the house on Salcedo On day 2 we were split between two houses. Three students stayed at the house we worked on yesterday - the house on S. Salcedo Street. These three were helped by two different shifts of NOLA Jesuit HS students; one group of about seven came from morning until lunch, and then another group came from noon until the end of the day. The eight of us who went to a different house were working on cleaning and make-ready. This house was a duplex where the homeowner will live in one unit while renting the other one out in order to help pay the mortgage. We primarily cleaned up the rental unit - touching up [...]

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Rebuilding homes in NOLA

The Dedman College Center for Academic-Community Engagement (ACE) is participating in the Alternative Breaks trip to New Orleans in December. Participants in the trip, which is co-sponsored by ACE and the office of Community Engagement and Leadership, are working with Youth Rebuilding New Orleans.

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Ahoj, Praha!

Old Town Square, Prague. Look at that tree! That’s hello in Czech, by the way! Well where do I begin? My trip to Prague was a dream come true. It was full of fun, memories, Christmas, cold (that’s putting it lightly), friends and even a castle. My last trip while abroad turned out to be to the farthest place from home I’ve ever been, which is perfect (and kind of exciting) as now I have around 10 days until I will be home. Wow! I can’t believe it. Our flight got in around 5:15 p.m. Thursday, and we were welcomed with darkness. "What?" we said. "Why is it dark already?" We couldn’t believe it, but the sun sets around [...]

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Travels to Spain and Italy

At Park Guell If my time in Copenhagen has taught me anything, it is the value of experiential learning.  Here at DIS, Europe truly is our classroom; two weeks after my trip to Kosovo and Vienna, I traveled with several friends, two of whom attend SMU. For our second travel break we visited Barcelona, Madrid, Rome and Milan. I had never been to Spain or Italy, so I went in without any expectations.  The week was definitely well spent - full of fun and cultural immersions, but tiring. In Barcelona we got to eat some tapas, see La Sagrada Familia (after waiting in line for nearly an hour), visit Park Guell as well as some touristy areas in the city. It [...]

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Class trip to Kosovo

I am way overdue on my blog updates, so I will try my best to catch up my readers on the past two months. Since my semester will be ending in about two weeks, I figured it’s either now or never. Posing for a picture at Mitrovica: on the other side of the rocks lies Serbia, where many Kosovo Albanians have never been. My last blog indicated my pending trip to Kosovo, so I will start out by discussing my experience there.  Last semester while doing the International Law and Organizations Program at American University, I was introduced to the situation in Kosovo from an international law perspective. Back then, Kosovo to me was nothing more than the discussion [...]

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Final presentation at Jubilee Park

An update from Lahela, a junior studio art major: The project that we signed up for in this class involves the Jubilee Park Community Center. As you may have read from my classmates, we've made some progress. As of late, we have been diligently working to compile our research and get our papers to Professor DeTemple. We have our official presentation at Jubilee Community Center this Wednesday, December 5. As far as I know, my group is ready. We are putting some final touches on our bilingual presentation and making sure we are on point. My group examined 1997-present, and we specifically researched issues of education, land reformation, crime and crime prevention, and had a series of interviews with people [...]

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