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Our group contemplates Belzec in icy, frigid-cold weather. A hooded down coat, three layers of clothing underneath it, a wool hat, two scarves, waterproof gloves, two pairs of socks, rugged wool-lined boots and foot/hand warmers are still not enough insulation as we plod through the snowy (yet thankfully sunny) landscape of Sobibor. There, less than an hour from Ukraine, the former death camp and current Holocaust memorial feels every bit of 4 degrees. The frigid weather is made to order for SMU Embrey Human Rights Director Rick Halperin. He wants us to experience even just a hint of what people at the death camp had to endure 70 years ago. “I don’t think it’s appropriate for people to [...]

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More opportunities to serve in Dallas and beyond

It's been over a week since the ACE/AB trip working in NOLA. As I reflect on our five days of service, I have a message for those reading this blog. For students: The opportunities to do meaningful service with the Alternative Breaks program at SMU are wonderful. During AB trips, students meet others they would perhaps not otherwise meet on campus. For example, on our trip we had a student from Meadows who did not know many students outside of the Meadows school; we had a first-year student; and we had a transfer student who had just started at SMU in August. The AB program travels to some great locations - including NOLA, Los Angeles, Boston, Austin, Taos and NYC [...]

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