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Powerful Doses of Reality

The medical room used for "treating" prisoners at Stuttho, the Nazis' first concentration camp outside of Germany. At snowy Stutthof concentration camp near Gdansk, Poland, we huddle in a stark, damp-cold room with low ceilings, a long wooden examining table and large black & white image of syringes. We learn from our guide that medical treatments were conducted here, but ones usually not for saving lives — for taking them. We discuss that the administering of lethal doses of phenol or Zyklon B didn’t start and end with the Nazis. Their genocidal actions to perpetuate the Aryan race were greatly influenced by America’s eugenics movement — the science of human improvement through controlled breeding. “It’s a parallel Americans [...]

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Our last day on the job

Our last day on the job As usual, we started the day with Dan making pancakes for everyone at 8am, and then we were out the door by 830am to be on site by 9am. Since we've been here for almost a week, we're pretty much trained and are able to work well with minimal direction. (We've actually been on site for so long, we've even become accustomed to knowing where tools are in the house - so if someone is looking for a hammer or a nail gun or paintbrush, we know exactly where we've seen one last!) With this being our last day we went right to work completing the tasks we were working on yesterday [...]

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