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Matagorda Island Sea Kayaking: Fall Break Trip 2012

An update from Amanda, Outdoor Adventures Trip Leader: On October 13, eight people set out to conquer and explore Matagorda Islands over SMU’s fall break. They came back on October 16, four days later, stronger, wiser, and with an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience of survival against the elements. And if you don’t believe me, we have the pictures to prove it. The first task was waking up before the sun to meet outside Dedman Rec Center, where a memorable six and a half hour drive down to Port O’Connor awaited. A mixture of sleeping, introductions, and learning about one another defined the ride down as the group began to bond quickly. Talk of different majors from Advertising and Marketing to Engineering led to advice [...]

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Back to Jubilee Park’s beginnings

An update from Courtney, a junior majoring in psychology and minoring in photography: As a student in Latino Religions, throughout the semester I have explored religious identities of the Latino population and how those individuals go about exploring and practicing their religious faith.  Part of our exploration has involved seeing how the church has treated and contributed to bettering the Latino communities across different Latin American countries.  This exploration has contributed to our study exploring a unique community in the heart of Dallas called Jubilee Park Community Center. For our class project I am a participant in the group that is focused on Jubilee Park before 1997.  Our group is exploring and discovering how Jubilee Park was born.  Before 1997 [...]

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