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¡España! ¡España! ¡España!

Notice all the flags! ¡Viva España! That was the chant of the night. Can you hear it? All the spirit typically associated with Spanish fútbol echoing in your ears. Well, it sure was all present at last night’s España vs. Francia FIFA World Cup 2014 Qualifier! Getting to experience a true partido de fútbol (soccer game) in Spain, where soccer is a matter of life or death, was such a blessing. Our sweet program coordinator, Tania, found these great tickets at really good prices, and despite our midterms the following morning we were all in! It was everything I expected and more. The Spanish believe in their team; they all wear the colors, everyone gets little plastic Spanish [...]

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Exploring Jubilee Park today

 An update from Karen, a sophomore majoring in anthropology and religious studies: This semester I am taking a Latino Religions course taught by Professor Jill DeTemple. In this course, my class is evaluating what makes up the religious identity of the Latino population and how Latinos utilize their public and privates spheres to channel or practice their faiths. Thus, we must look at how social, political, and cultural movements have shaped the religiosity of Latino communities. By applying what we learned in class to our service learning project, my peers and I plan to do the following things. We will document the history of the Jubilee Park Community Center and analyze the outcomes of the center’s programs. We will also [...]

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