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El Escorial y Valle de los Caídos

El Escorial Hey y’all! Today we took a little field trip about an hour outside Madrid to San Lorenzo de El Escorial, a small town in the mountains. El Escorial is the home of a beautiful Monastery built by el Rey Felipe II of Spain. El Escorial is a monastery, palace, school, and library today; it is huge! Apparently, King Felipe II was very religious, and as we are learning in class, fought many wars for Catholicism against the Protestants during his reign. He decided to build this place to display the wealth and power of Spain after one of the battles, where he felt he had lost some control. It is a beautiful place and boasts many [...]

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¡España! ¡España! ¡España!

Notice all the flags! ¡Viva España! That was the chant of the night. Can you hear it? All the spirit typically associated with Spanish fútbol echoing in your ears. Well, it sure was all present at last night’s España vs. Francia FIFA World Cup 2014 Qualifier! Getting to experience a true partido de fútbol (soccer game) in Spain, where soccer is a matter of life or death, was such a blessing. Our sweet program coordinator, Tania, found these great tickets at really good prices, and despite our midterms the following morning we were all in! It was everything I expected and more. The Spanish believe in their team; they all wear the colors, everyone gets little plastic Spanish [...]

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Exploring Jubilee Park today

 An update from Karen, a sophomore majoring in anthropology and religious studies: This semester I am taking a Latino Religions course taught by Professor Jill DeTemple. In this course, my class is evaluating what makes up the religious identity of the Latino population and how Latinos utilize their public and privates spheres to channel or practice their faiths. Thus, we must look at how social, political, and cultural movements have shaped the religiosity of Latino communities. By applying what we learned in class to our service learning project, my peers and I plan to do the following things. We will document the history of the Jubilee Park Community Center and analyze the outcomes of the center’s programs. We will also [...]

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Community historians

An update from Tim, a sophomore accounting major: The Jubilee Park center is a community renewal initiative in the Fair Park neighborhood in East Dallas. In 1997, St. Michaels and All Angels Episcopal Church chose this area as the site for a community center that would create “a thriving and sustaining community where people love to live.” The church built this community center as a way of marking its 50th anniversary – their jubilee. Through Professor DeTemple’s Latino/a Religions class, I have learned about Latino religiosity and the ways in which it manifests. The Jubilee Park center, a religiously based organization devoted to civic engagement, is an example of this. Our assignment regarding the center is to delineate and synthesize [...]

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A sense of pride and revival

The students in the Cultural Formations/Religious Studies course Latino/Latina Religions are conducting research on the history of the Jubilee Park & Community Center and its surrounding neighborhood. The center, near the Fair Park area of Dallas, was founded by Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church in 1997 and serves a diverse population. Through their research, students hope to learn more about the ways religious organizations impact local communities, and about the changing landscapes that have formed Dallas over the years. At the culmination of the project in December, students will present their findings in a presentation at the center,

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ShadowMaster through the lenses of Steve McConnell’s 36 Classic Mistakes

An update from Benjamin, a member of the Guildhall at SMU team blogging for Gamasutra: ShadowMaster is a 2D top-down spatial puzzle adventure. A team of four fresh students attending the Guildhall at Southern Methodist University designed, animated, coded, tested and implemented their original game idea in Torque X 2D Builder. The team consisted of an artist, Michael Viscio, a programmer, William Wood, a level designer, Chih Han Yu, and a producer and team lead, Ben Roye. The team developed the game in ten weeks while attempting to stick to forty-eight team-hours per week. The current build of ShadowMaster runs on Windows 7 and can be downloaded for free. Future plans for the game include a likely port to Xbox Live Indie [...]

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Cyborg Ninjas on Fire 2: Reloaded

An update from Navin, a member of the Guildhall at SMU team blogging for Gamasutra: Cyborg Ninjas on Fire 2: Reloaded (CNOF2R) is a fast-paced, over-the-top, first person-shooter mod for UDK. The players take on the role of futuristic cyborg ninjas fighting over control of a legendary suit of armor called the Yoroi. The total development time for CNOF2R was ten weeks (thirty person-hours per week), and was developed for both the Xbox 360 and PC platforms. This postmortem analyzes the obstacles and challengers our team encountered during the production phase. What Went Well 1. Functional Working Environment At our workplace, other development teams have already occupied all of the breakout rooms in the building. Fortunately, we found a small pit [...]

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The Day Ice Cream Stood Still

An update from Trevor, a member of the Guildhall at SMU team blogging for Gamasutra: The Day Ice Cream Stood Still is a 2D platforming puzzle game that was designed using the TorqueX 2D editor by a five-student team from The Guildhall at SMU. The game took ten weeks, using 60-hour man weeks from concept to completion and was developed for the PC using a console controller. This following is the post-mortem for The Day Ice Cream Stood Still. The Classic Mistakes in reference to Rapid Development by Steve McConnell describe what went well, what went wrong, and what we as a team learned from the development. What Went Well: 1. Avoiding Classic Mistake #1: Undermined Motivation If one thing was true of [...]

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Revisiting TGP1

An update from Dustin, a member of the Guildhall at SMU team blogging for Gamasutra: Time moves strangely at the Guildhall. We’re off in Plano, miles away from the SMU campus proper, in our own little video game world. Not that we’ve learned much about Plano. I’m familiar with the two streets between my house and the Guildhall. Generally, a quarter of your coursework is intended to be dedicated to team game projects (TGP). But as you might imagine, when you give a group of gamers the chance to work on their (usually) first group video game to completion, the effort they're willing to put in is sometimes beyond the project requirements. Our schedule is almost universally considered relentless, but a [...]

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Inspiration and invigoration

An update from Gwen, a sophomore double major in civil engineering and Spanish: Me in front of a cool sculpture on our way to the convention. I’ve been so inspired and invigorated today! After pulling myself out of my cushy queen-size bed at 6 A.M. (9 A.M. in Dallas, so not so bad!), I met up with my 3 student colleagues and we headed out to our conference site 15 minutes away. From there on out it was a whirlwind of amazing discussions and collaboration with other schools and their sustainability perspectives. I heard presentations from students who grew their own food, banned water bottles on their campuses, created bio-digesters for their schools, committed themselves to 20% sustainable [...]

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