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Connecting to the Danish culture

My housemate and I in the city It has been quite a while since my last blog, so I thought I should give a brief update. As the days go by, my time in Copenhagen only continues to get better. I got involved in a few activities that I have come to really enjoy. DIS encourages students to join immersion activities to become more connected to the Danish culture. I am part of the visiting family program and buddy network. The visiting family program connects interested DIS students who are not living with a host family to a Danish family they can regularly visit. Last week I went to visit my family with another DIS student, since two [...]

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Collecting songs and preserving culture

An update from first-year student Chasitie: Dr. Katherine Schofield, King's College, London This weekend I was able to find time to squeeze in attending a South Asian Conference at SMU. With my knowledge of the Indian subcontinent limited to what I have learned so far in my Introduction to Asian Religions course with Dr. Lindquist, what better way to expand upon my knowledge than attend a South Asian Conference? The particular talk that I attended was "The Social History of Song Collections: Awadh, Delhi, and Hyderabad," presented by Dr. Katherine Schofield of King’s College, London. The lecture discussed the practice of song collection during the 18th century under the British. I was eager to hear a lecture on music [...]

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Revisiting the 14th to 20th centuries in South Asia

An update from Carl, graduate student in religious studies: Audience during conference presentation This Saturday marked the seventh time that SMU's Asian Studies Program has partnered with the South Asia Research and Information Institute (SARII) to bring world-renowned scholars to our campus. From Drs. Barbara and Thomas Metcalf (Universities of Michigan and California, Berkeley) to Dr. Richard Eaton (University of Arizona) to SMU's own Dr. Azfar Moin, the presenters were all top-notch experts in their field — something made abundantly clear by their choice of presentations. With topics as diverse as studies of advances in cannon technology in the 14th-15th centuries, Brahmans serving in Mughal courts in the 17th, and Muslim queens ruling in defiance of both local tradition [...]

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