DSCF9535.jpg Last weekend, we traveled to the Loire Valley to see four chateaus. The chateaus were amazing!

On Friday we went to Amboise, a small market town in central France. It really looked like an old town from centuries ago. You could see the chateau in Amboise from miles away; it was huge! From the top of the castle, you could see the entire town of Amboise and beyond.

DSCF9656.jpg After Amboise, we traveled to Blois, another small town in the Loire Valley, to visit the chateaus Blois and Chambord. Catherine de Medici and Napoleon’s wife, Marie Louise, both lived in Blois. It was very cool seeing all the rooms and areas in which all the kings, queens, and noblemen lived. These chateaus were built in the 1100s, so it’s quite surreal to imagine walking in the same place as others from 900 years ago!

DSCF9571.jpg The chateau at Chambord was one of my favorite castles! Francis I built it to be a show castle to display the wealth of the French monarch, so it was definitely exactly what you would picture when thinking of a magnificent castle.

DSCF9753.jpg The Chateau de Chenonceau was my absolute favorite! This was a chateau that was beautifully decorated on the inside and out. Everything about the chateau was so intricate and detailed, from the staircases to the tiles on the floor; it was wonderfully constructed. I loved visiting the chateaus because they have such a rich history that dates back hundreds and hundreds of years.