William Tsutsui in Japan

Dedman College Dean William M. Tsutsui is blogging about his experiences in Japan after the tsunami and earthquake that shook the country Friday, March 11, 2011. An expert on Japan’s economic history, Tsutsui returned Sunday, March 13, from visiting the country as a member of the Japanese American Leadership Delegation.

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Available for interviews from Tokyo

William Tsutsui on FOX 4 News in the aftermath of the Japan earthquake and tsunami March 11, 2011Update from SMU News: SMU Dedman College Dean William M. Tsutsui is available to speak from Tokyo about the massive earthquake that has hit there. Call SMU News at 214-768-7650.

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FOX 4 News video: SMU Dean Tsutsui Caught In Japan Quake
• The Dallas Morning News: SMU dean: Tokyo’s skyscrapers swayed ‘like trees in the breeze’

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