Brandon.jpg An update from Brandon, a first-year English and political science major, who is researching Justice Blackmun’s shift in his position on federalism between National League of Cities v Usery (1976) and Garcia v. San Antonio Metropolitan Transit Authority (1985):

Well, today was our last full day of the trip. I feel very satisfied about all the information I found for my topic, and I’m looking forward to putting it all together when I start writing my paper after we get back. The whole experience of doing this research has been great: I feel like I’ve already learned so much about the judicial decision-making process and it’s been so great getting to see what all goes into writing opinions for these important cases.

Of course, this trip hasn’t just been all about the work. Getting to experience D.C. has really been a treat. Tonight after the library closed we even got a chance to walk around the National Mall and stand in front of the White House and the Washington Monument! There’s so much history to discover in this city, and I definitely look forward to coming back here in the future to visit all the other sights I missed.

Moreover, it’s been great getting to have this experience with my classmates. I was a little bit nervous about this trip at first since I’m one of the only first-years in the group, and I was afraid I might be a little bit left out, but everyone’s been so welcoming and I feel like I’ve made a whole new set of friends. Oh, and it helps that we have such an amazing professor guiding us too.

I just want to conclude by thanking my classmates for such a wonderful time this week as well as Professor Kobylka for making this whole experience possible. Until next time, everyone!