An update from Rachel Buchanan, a psychology major and ethics minor:

Girl.JPG Our flights home were full of sleepy people, which I took the time to document. We had a brief layover in Philadelphia, where our team was in search for two things: items from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” television show and breakfast.

bfast_2%5B1%5D.jpg We found fun T-shirts at a Philadelphia store that we purchased to wear with pride. Then we found a restaurant with an excellent breakfast menu. Meredith and Mary enjoyed “build-your-own” omelet, and Celesstia, Stacy and I stuck with a traditional Eggs Benedict. This was my favorite meal for sure, the hollandaise sauce was perfection and they even served my favorite brand of espresso, Illy. It was truly the breakfast of (next year’s) champions. Wheaties doesn’t even compare.

While our trip was a whirlwind experience, I will cherish the memories and knowledge gained from it for many years to come. We are eager for next year’s competition and have already made plans to continue enjoying our two passions over the summer.

philly%20in%20the%20air.jpg Our team has created an informal philosophy/foodie book club called Food for Thought. Aptly named, right? We plan on reading different philosophers each month and getting together to discuss their theories while enjoying different types of food for each meeting.

Our first book is “A Story of Philosophy” and we are going to start with creating loaded sweet potato French fries. It may be an odd combination, but it works for us, and to use the old saying: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” My only regret is that I never had any authentic Cincinnati chili, but we can plan for a big bowl next year!