Stopping for a picnic

Before we got back to the books and papers, we had one more adventure for the week: an African Safari!! We had to drive three hours to our destination, but once we got there it was all worth it. We saw rhinos, giraffes, elephants, and zebras, among other wild animals. We were hoping to see a lion, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Once we returned from our safari, dinner was waiting outside. At first I thought to myself, it’s already cold enough inside, what kind of reasoning is it to have dinner outside? Well, that is until I stepped outside, saw the scorching fire that was blazing and the buffet of food that was all ready and waiting near the fire. Then I thought to myself, this is not only logical, but a genius idea!

I would have been content with just the delicious dinner, but we were told that there was a surprise for us after dinner: Zulu dancing! After our first introduction to Zulu dancing, all of us have fallen in love with it and were eagerly waiting for the dancing to start. This dancing was a bit different than our first one at the Zulu Land. We were told that they would only perform one song, and we had to pay careful attention because after that, we would have to join them.

Sure enough, they were not joking. After they did an exceptional performance, they pulled all of us (all 7 of my SMU classmates) and had us perform in front of everyone. I can’t say I was not a bit shy, but not for too long because Zulu dancing does not allow for shyness – only the movement of your feet. It was such a beautiful night and all of us went to bed feeling grateful for the amazing experiences South Africa has been offering us thus far.