Roza in South Africa

Roza is a junior Hunt Scholar and Mustang Scholar majoring in communication studies in Meadows School of the Arts and political science in Dedman College. During summer 2011, she is participating in SMU-in-South Africa, a four-week study program that introduces students to South African history and culture. She plans to take two courses: “The African Diaspora: Literature and Culture of Black Liberation” as well as “Music Theater Workshop, West Side Story.”

Roza then travels to Washington, D.C., as the 2011 Jack C. and Annette K. Vaughn Foreign Service and International Affairs intern, through SMU’s John Goodwin Tower Center for Political Studies. She is working at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars with the center’s Global Health Initiative.

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Day at the beach

To celebrate a successful performance, my classmates and I went to the beach and had a relaxing day. The beach in Durban is absolutely gorgeous. Of course being at a beach resort anywhere is exciting, but to have it topped off with such beautiful scenery and perfect weather is even more exciting.

Even as a fellow African, I would have never imagined such beautiful places existed in South Africa, but gladly I was proved wrong. We all had such a great time relaxing at the beach. After the beach, we went out to an Italian restaurant and concluded the day with delicious food and great conversations.

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