On the Capitol lawn

I didn’t get much time to sit and reminisce about my South Africa experience with my family because my flight to Washington, D.C., was at 7 am the next morning.  I have spent exactly a week in D.C., and I must say I have had quite an introduction to the city. Besides the few complications of trying to adjust to new means of transportation and familiarizing myself with the venues, I have enjoyed my stay thus far.

At the World Peace Talk

On Saturday I had the honor of listening to the Dalai Lama give a speech on World Peace on the west lawn of the Capitol building. Since I missed him when he came to SMU, seeing him the second time around was a must. Although I  had to wake up at 6 a.m. and wait in the sun for three hours, it was totally worth it.  Thousands of people came to hear him speak, and special appearances by Whoopi Goldberg and Skylar Grey contributed to the success of the event.

Lunch with a White House intern

Other adventures I have partaken in so far include eating at an Ethiopian restaurant and Good Stuff Eatery (restaurant owned by a “Top Chef” contestant), spending time with White House interns, visiting the Library of Congress and meeting up with successful SMU alumni.

My internship at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars also officially started the day after I arrived here. I am currently at the introductory level of learning about the Center, but I will start working on projects soon.